To understand why the American Dream is dying, you need to understand these numbers.




Do you truly understand these numbers?

We had a job gain of 8,586,340 between 2000 to 2020.

This is a gain of 429,317 jobs per year in our best paying jobs during this 20 year period.

Seventy percent of all H-1B applications are for computer jobs alone, the 15-0000 jobs.

We had 3,580,022 Computer applications during a 10 year period from 2010 to 2019.

Are you beginning to understand that it is this tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers that is destroying the American Dream?

Factor in that many of our best paying jobs are being sent offshore and you will begin to realize why we are not creating that many best paying jobs here in America anymore.

Then factor in that this tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers are being imported specifically for the remaining best paying jobs.

Then factor in the rising cost of home ownership or rent and you will begin to realize why our homeless ranks are increasing and why the American Dream is dying for people like myself who had worked our way into these best paying jobs only to see our future destroyed by a scenario where we have more workers for our best paying jobs than we do best paying jobs to place those workers in.

And lastly factor in something that is illegal that I do not understand that is called caste.

There is a saying I read a long time ago that goes “Physician, heal thyself” that I would like to pass on to our representatives who are making this all possible in our Congress and Senate, but sadly as Dinesh D’Souza says so well, I simply do not have a big enough megaphone.