What do I hope to accomplish with STEM Workers United?

Every time there is a job or career fair in any city in America, I want to see one of our employees who has been through this nightmare where their job was sent offshore or guest workers were imported to take their job here at home telling their story.

I want our kids to understand that all of us believe our STEM Jobs are the best in our World, BUT that corporate America cares not for their skills, and will discard them when they are deemed too old or too costly leaving them to try and save their family by finding another job, IF one can be found.

As too many of us have found, there are no similar jobs and we will end up asking if you want paper or plastic after we have lost our home, our family, and whatever we hold most dearest.

Why do I want this?

The only way we can fix this is by educating the public about what the reality is versus the propaganda that our media, government, academia and business community tell them which is we can’t find enough skilled workers.


  1. It is very important that Americans do not buy into the years and years of STEM crisis BALONEY perpetuated by rich tech and their immensely powerful lobbies. These jobs are the gateway for American grads into middle class.

  2. Allied Organizations and web sites that may be able to help us:
    https://www.brightworkresearch.com/?s=Indian (Brightwork is perhaps the best, well-researched exposé on most aspects of the Indian IT issues in the USA)
    Facebook groups:
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1190614891122701 (Anti H-1B, OPT, L1, H-4 & all other discrimination against American workers)

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