American workers will continue to lose jobs until unions like AFL-CIO and AFGE accept what is happening and work to fix it.

This is the best explanation about what is happening that I’ve seen in 20 years of researching what happened to my once bright future.

Five times now I’ve tried to work as an employee of the Department of Veteran Affairs and I’ve been a union member each time.

Five times now I’ve tried to show the union what is happening to our jobs and they’ve written me off because their minds can’t comprehend what is happening.

And they won’t until it has happened to them, and believe me, all workers in America will face this at some point in their life as our corporations and government agencies put profit above a future for our citizens.

Software developers like myself with decades of experience, knowledge, and wisdom gained from fixing problems over time could bring so much to the table if we were only given the opportunity to do so.

But as you can see above, we are not.

I have now applied for a sixth time because I can’t find meaningful, good paying work and I’m desperate.

But I already know that once they start treating me like a 3 year old child, I will read to them from Johnny Paychecks song and I will be desperate once again.

You would think the union would step in for all of us employees here in America, but so far they haven’t, and trust me, I’ve tried to show the AFL-CIO what is happening as well.

Many, many times.

But this is not about me.

It is about the future of unions in America and why they will continue to have less and less of a voice in the coming decades.

Not because they aren’t organized, but because they will not learn from that video and unite with all unions, and nonprofit organizations like STEM Workers United, Inc. who are willing to work with all who will find a way to regulate capitalism in such a manner that our citizens, and their families, will have a bright future once again.

So my question to all unions, will you study that video?

Will you ask questions so that you understand completely what is happening?

Will you work to help veterans and citizens like myself, once again have a future?

I ask because we desperately need you to step up to the plate before it is too late.