Student Loan Forgiveness

Put yourself in my shoes.
I suddenly found back in 2003 that I could no longer find software work.
Believing it was because I did not have a degree, I went back to school in the hope of getting back to work.
Over time I began to realize that people with impeccable degrees were experiencing what I was experincing, so I stopped with about 20,000 in student loans.
Here I am nearly 20 years later, still with very little work, and during those 20 years I have learned that I can’t find work because our government makes it easy for our employers to send our best paying software jobs overseas, and our government not only makes it easy for our businesses to import non-immigrant guest workers to take our remaining best paying jobs here at home, our government agencies also make use of those guest workers leaving veterans and citizens like myself being force to work in paper or plastic jobs with no hope of ever paying those student loans back.

My vote is that it should be on a case by case basis.

If the individual has work that will allow them to comfortably pay the loan, they should pay it.

For those like myself that can’t pay it, I believe our businesses, and our government agencies who make use of these guest workers should pay the loan off.

Virgil Bierschwale
Navy 76 – 82