You or your children have spent large sums of money for student loans so that they can pursue a better life than you had.

Initially for years, they will do good, but when they near 50 years of age, the businesses and government agencies that they worked for chose to send their jobs to other countries where they could pay their new employees less, and had fewer regulations to restrict their work, and if they couldn’t send those jobs offshore, they chose to import non-immigrant guest workers on visas like the H-1B to replace your children with.

Leaving them with huge student loans and with jobs with zero future that did not pay a living wage.

We believe this is wrong, and we believe we know how to turn it around.

This is our plan:

  • Every time there is a job or career fair in any city in America, I want to see one of our employees who has been through this nightmare where their job was sent offshore or guest workers were imported to take their job here at home, telling their story.

I want our kids to understand that all of us believe our STEM Jobs are the best in our World, BUT that corporate America cares not for their skills, and will discard them when they are deemed too old or too costly leaving them to try and save their family by finding another job, IF one can be found.

As too many of us have found, there are no similar paying jobs and we will end up asking if you want paper or plastic after we have lost our home, our family, and whatever we hold most dearest.

Why do we want this?

The only way we can fix this is by educating the public about what the reality is versus the propaganda that our media, government, academia and business community tell them which is we can’t find enough skilled workers.

STEM Workers United, Inc. is a tax exempt organization under 501 (c) (3).

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We will use all donations to hire unemployed STEM workers to become the local experts on all offshoring and companies/government agencies using non-immigrant guest workers in their community and pay them by tying our wages to 50% of the Mean Hourly Wage for our starting pay, and our maximum pay will max out at the Mean Hourly Wage.

This way the people we hire can afford to pay their bills, have a job that is meaningful, and that ultimately will allow them to provide for their families in their later years with a stable income that will take out the uncertainness in their lives that globalization has introduced where people are considered a disposable commodity.

By doing it this way, our entry level employees will have a salary of $541.40 per week and our senior level employees will have a salary of $1,082.80 per week.

At some point as we grow and are able to do so, we will also find a way to include employee benefits.

Should they find better paying work outside our nonprofit, we will encourage them to pursue it if that is what they want, and most importantly, let them know that we will hire them again if it turns out not to be all that they thought it would be.

Only by educating our students and parents here in America can we find a way to ensure that our businesses and government agencies provide a future for their employees rather than treating them as a disposable commodity.

We sure could use your help doing this.

To understand how and why this is happening, please read Too Few Jobs by clicking here.