Struggling Americans

Our employers say they can’t find enough skilled workers.

Our workers say they can’t find jobs even though they have the skills our employers say they can’t find.

And our government agencies that should understand what is happening, don’t seem to comprehend it.

So, how do we show why so many Americans are hurting using our government data, in a format that anybody can understand.

We have a monthly report that shows the total of all employees, total nonfarm.

As you can see, it shows that we are at a level we were back in 2020, or very near there.

This is where most journalists and economists stop digging.

After all, more people than ever are working, right?

Wrong, and I will show you why so that you will understand why so many Americans are struggling.

The chart above, since 2007, combines both Foreign Born and Native Born workers together.

Thankfully, we do have a report showing the Employment Level of Foreign Born workers.

Using the data from both of these reports, we can simply subtract the Foreign Born workers from the total nonfarm report shown above.

As you can see, when we strip out the foreign born worker in Jan 2007, we generate that orange line below the blue line.

The orange line is Native Born American Workers.

The blue line combines both Native Born American Workers and Foreign Born Workers.

As you can see, Native Born American Workers are at a level that they reached back around 1997.

And if you view this chart and the labor force particpation rate chart, you quickly realize that 1997 was when the labor force partipcation rate began to go down, and it has never recovered because of American workers like myself and my fellow STEM Workers who can no longer find work in our field.

1990 was when our companies began importing non-immigrant guest workers on a H-1B visa, among others like the OPT, L-1, B-1, etc.

Here is a view that is only Native Born American Workers except for the short period between 1990 and 2007 when the Department of Labor began tracking Foreign Born Employed.

All of our state and federal government agencies will tell you that we are creating jobs, yet as you can see, while factually they are accurate, Native Born Americans in America are not sharing in those job gains, and sadly, we do not have an accurate method of tracking the number of jobs sent offshore.

This is why so many Americans are now homeless, and no longer counted in any method of unemployment except for the ones that shadowstats tracks.


You can download the data used to prepare this report via the following links: