We are hiring

We are hiring as funds become available.

It is our goal to hire one person, maybe more, in each of our top 200 cities.

Job Duties:

  • Be our eyes and ears on the ground in your city.
  • Learn who is sending jobs offshore in your city.
  • Learn who is importing guest workers in your city.
  • Attend career fairs in your city and set up a booth showing what you have learned over your lifetime and answer the questions that these job seekers will have.
  • Put together a weekly report on what you have learned so that all of our cities working together will be able to make a more informed decision when discussing jobs and opportunity in your city, and our country.
  • Be our representative in your city so that people with questions will be able to visit with you and learn from your experiences.
  • Attend weekly zoom meetings to help share your knowledge that you have learned to better educate the public.


  • A salary as explained below in “our goals” per week to help replace your unemployment and supplement your social security if you were forced onto early social security.


  • We are not allowed to advocate and attempt to influence legislation because of our tax exempt status.
  • However we can show those who ask what we have discovered as we worked our way up the ladder and then were forced out of the work force so that they can learn from our experiences.

Idea candidates:

  • Older Americans who have been forced out of the STEM workforce because of offshoring or the tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers being imported to take their jobs here at home.
  • Our younger STEM workers who are unable to gain a foothold in the STEM industry because of this combined effect of offshoring jobs and importing guest workers.
  • We are seeking those candidates that have skin in the game and are willing and able to learn from those who are more experienced at what is happening and share their knowledge locally and learn from their fellow citizens about what is happening in their respective cities.

Please send your resumes to: admin@STEMWorkersUnited.com

To understand our goals, please click here.