Best explanation that I’ve seen.

This is why I formed STEM Workers United, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) corporation.

  1. Provide a platform for those in America and India who have been harmed by a tidal wave of young non-immigrant guest workers, as example, older H-1B’s are now being displaced because we are not creating enough jobs, so the young H-1B gets imported at the older H-1B’s expense, and same is happening to Americans.
  2. Do what we can to make it possible for them to appear at every job fair in every city in America and in India so that our children will understand what is happening
  3. Make it possible for people in every city to understand (a) who is sending jobs to other countries, and where, and (b) who is importing guest workers which deprives them of the ability to work their way into those jobs.
  4. Make it possible for the people in every country to show what is happening to the families in their city who want to work, and are being exploited by American capitalism using what  Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights was doing in these videos –
  5. Give a voice to the workers in every community in our world a voice to show what is happening in this game of musical countries where jobs are sent from country to country in the pursuit of cheapest labor which is forcing poverty on our world while enriching a few.


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